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Language Arts:

At Edupark Academy, our goal is to not only meet the standard but to go well beyond mastery of it. In order to achieve this, we utilize an integrated model of literacy for the English Language Arts (ELA). With this approach, we allow students to exceed the set standards by integrating high volumes of extensive information in reading, writing, speaking fluency and more. This gives students the skills to analyze, synthesize and create what they’ve learned and apply it in both ELA and other subject courses. In doing so, students will become self-directed learners, build high levels of content knowledge and gain full comprehension of the subject matter all while thinking critically and independently.



For Math, we seek to impart the skills needed for your child to analyze, conceptualize, and solve even the most difficult problems! Our goal is to help students fully comprehend and master these concepts from elementary addition to high school level calculus.

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Book Club (K-6th Grade)

  • Catered to Student’s Reading Level

    • Our Book Club focus more on the student’s reading level rather than grade in order to give them the best possible opportunity to naturally progress and succeed in their literary pursuits.

  • Small Individualized Groups

    • We work in small groups of three maximum students so that each student is able to work in an intimate setting with an attentive and interactive teacher along with their peers.

  • Wide Array of Language Arts Coverage

    • The Book Club curriculum will be able to cover a such as vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing while also promoting active discussion amongst students in the same reading level.

Literature Circle (7th-12th Grade):

  • Advanced Reading Levels

    • Our Literature Circle is meant to intellectually challenge students while also preparing them with the critical reading skills needed for higher education.

  • Developing Analytical and Rhetorical Skills

    • Each Literature Circle group focuses on the classics of English Literature and provides the necessary guidance needed for advanced courses such as AP English Literature, AP English Language and various other college courses.

  • Small Groups

    • Working in a small group of three students maximum per group, our teachers work closely with each student and help facilitate debate within a group made of similar level students.

  • Qualified Instructor

    • Literature Circle courses in particular will be overseen by an English Literature instructor in order to provide the most quality education possible.

Writing Focus (K-8th Grade):

  • Common Core State Standards

    • There will be a strict emphasis on the writing standards of the Common Core State Standards. Through this course, students will have the opportunity to sharpen their writing skills through fun exercises and genre based practice essays

  • Small Groups For Meeting and Exceeding

    • Students will be placed into small groups based on their writing level and then guided and instructed to best meet their individual needs. Our ultimate goal is to meet and exceed the set grade level standard in order to help students with their progress and to better prepare them for the next grade level.

Essay Coaching (9th 12th):

  • College Preparatory Writing

    • With our Essay Coaching course, our priority lies in high school students who are enrolled in or are preparing to enroll in college preparatory courses such as AP English Literature/AP English Language. Our focus also extends to students who wish to improve their writing for standardized testing and for applying to college as well.

  • Analytical and Rhetorical Skill Development

    • The Essay Coaching course will be heavily writing intensive and will seek to develop and hone the appropriate critical and rhetorical skills needed for college.

  • Small Groups to Encourage Critical Thought

    • This course will be taught in small groups of three maximum students in order to promote active engagement with peers to encourage constructive criticism and debate.

Conceptual Math (K-12th):

  • Small Group

    • Our math courses will have a maximum of three students per teacher to provide an intimate learning experience with an interactive and attentive teacher. Student groups correspond to the student’s math level rather than school grade.

  • Our Curriculum

    • We follow the Common Core State Standard to correlate our curriculum with what students are learning at school in their respective grade. We place great emphasis on conceptual math, where students learn to apply math concepts to solve various math problems and real-world problems.

  • Individualized Learning Experience

    • For students falling behind at school, our teachers will help them reach the level of their peers.

    • On the other side of the spectrum, for those who are doing well in school, our priority will be in challenging them by teaching new material and working through higher level math problems.

  • Advance Placement Math Courses

    • Additionally, students enrolled in AP Calculus AB, BC and AP Statistics will receive appropriate guidance and practice to prepare for the AP examination.


  • Our SAT/PSAT/ACT Preparatory courses will be taught by qualified teachers with degrees from various renowned universities to help students become better prepared for standardized exams while also working to raise test scores for reach schools.

  • Reading Course

  • Writing and Language Course

  • Essay Writing Course

  • Math Course

  • SAT Subjects Course

  • Exam Prep Course

  • We will work intensively with practice exams and practice problems from each subject in order to cover each students’ weakness.  


Advance Placement:

  • At Edupark, we offer tutoring in the following AP courses:

  • AP World History

  • AP US History

  • AP Human Geography

  • AP Biology

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Physics B and C

  • AP Calculus AB and BC

  • AP Statistics

  • AP English Language

  • AP English Literature

  • AP Art History

  • AP Spanish Language

  • AP Spanish Literature

  • Our priority is to help students reach the highest possible score on their AP examinations.

  • Our experienced teachers will guide and prepare our students with the appropriate amount of practice, emphasizing the most important concepts for their respective AP examination.

  • Our teachers will also assist students with school assignments and test preparations to complement their learning experience in their AP courses.  


Homework Club: 

  • The primary focus of our homework club is to assist students with school assignments, school projects and test preparations.

  • Students will be supported and encouraged by our teachers to use their time efficiently. If a student is done with his or her school work, they will receive additional assignments corresponding to their grade level to complement their learning experience.  


Spanish 1-2/ 3-4/ 5-6/ 7-8

AP Spanish language and AP Spanish Literature

  • Our goal is to develop fluency in speaking and writing in the Spanish Language.

  • Students will be separated based on their age and level. Students in their first and second year of Spanish will learn to write simple sentences, engage in casual conversations, and read simple texts in Spanish.

  • Students in their 3rd and 4th year of Spanish will be challenged by reading books and articles and engaging in reading discussions and writings.

  • Students at this level will be primarily instructed in Spanish. Furthermore, students enrolled in AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature will receive appropriate preparation and guidance to succeed in their AP examination.  


Spring/Summer/Fall Camp

  • SAT/PSAT Prep Summer Camp

    • An intensive 4 week preparation course to prepare students to take the college entrance examinations

    • Our SAT/PSAT Preparatory Summer Camp will be taught by qualified teachers with degrees from various renowned universities to help students become better prepared for standardized exams while also working to raise test scores for reach schools.

    • Students will be required to attend a daily 3 hour study session Monday- Thursday. Students taking the SAT Prep Course will be required to also attend Friday for SAT Essay Focus workshop.

    • Two days of the week will be dedicated to do full length SAT/PSAT practice exams

    • Our summer SAT/PSAT Prep Course will be divided into two sessions:

      • Session 1: TBD

      • Session 2: TBD

Book Club
Literature Circle
Writing Focus
Essay Coaching
Conceptual Math
Homework Club
Creative Writing Summer Course
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