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About Edupark Academy


Edupark Academy is a learning center focusing on enriching individual students’ ability to think critically and get ahead of the curve in subjects such as math, literature, language arts and many more.


We offer customized lessons for students in core school subjects such as mathematics, English language arts, history and social studies, and etcetera in order to augment their learning process from outside of the classroom. Our goal as a learning center is to ensure that your child not only has a deeper understanding of their core school curriculum but to also go above and beyond to maximize their learning potential.

We believe in a well-rounded education so that your child is able to excel in their academic lives and use their knowledge in real world applications. As a learning center, we pride ourselves in moving away from simply giving children workbooks to solve because it is counterintuitive to their learning process. Instead, we emphasize a hands-on approach with specifically tailored lessons for your individual child so that they are able to grow and achieve to the best of their own ability.

Knowing the busy schedules of parents, we aim to save time through being a one-stop solution for all of your child’s needs. With a wide variety of learning programs from core curriculum to literature circles to even athletics, we strive to help develop your child’s analytical and creative proficiency. In doing so, we hope to foster an environment to help your child prepare for and succeed in future endeavors.

Our Ideology


Through Edupark Academy, our students will be able to:

• Develop into critically thinking, independent learners through

   a hands-on teaching

• Effectively gather and evaluate given information

• Proficiently synthesize and report their learning at the end of lessons

• Apply acquired skills in an interdisciplinary manner towards all subjects

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